Commonplace Raffle

In addition to episode bonus materials like recordings of our guests reading new poems, access to drafts of unpublished works, and hand-curated lists of books and music, we have begun a monthly #CommonplaceRaffle for our Patrons.

Each month, our patrons are entered to win books, broadsides, tote bags, and other ephemera from the publishers of our guests. In order to give all Patrons a chance to win great prizes, winners "sit out" for the raffle following their win, and are re-entered for all following raffles.  To participate in the #CommonplaceRaffle and to receive other great rewards, please consider becoming a Patron

Special thanks to the publishers who make the #CommonplaceRaffle possible: Copper Canyon PressGraywolf Press, New Directions Publishing Company, New Issues PressNightboat Books, Penguin Books, The University of Iowa Press, and The University of Pittsburgh Press