A series of intimate and captivating interviews by Rachel Zucker with poets and artists about quotidian objects, experiences or obsessions, Commonplace conversations explore the recipes, advice, lists, anecdotes, quotes, politics, phobias, spiritual practices, and other non-Literary forms of knowledge that are vital to an artist’s life and work. One feels, when listening to Commonplace, the pleasure of eavesdropping on the kind of unexpected, intriguing connections that only happen when interesting people sit together in a small room and talk about their real concerns and ordinary lives.

Episode 28: Poems for Mother's Day

Episode 28: Poems for Mother's Day

Episode 28 is a special Mother’s Day episode featuring a collection of poems chosen and read by poets who are mothers.


Rachel Zucker reading “The Language of the Brag” by Sharon Olds from Strike Sparks

Alicia Ostriker reading “In the Shadow of Liberty”

Keetje Kuipers reading section XIII of “An Atlas of the Difficult World” by Adrienne Rich in An Atlas of the Difficult World

Jennifer Militello reading “Invention: The Handy Every-Mother Zone-Out Capacitor” by Mairéad Byrne

Vandana Khanna reading “Persephone Abducted” by Rita Dove from Mother Love

Jenny Browne reading “You Can’t Have It All” by Barbara Ras from Bite Every Sorrow

Lisa Olstein reading “Pain for a Daughter” by Anne Sexton

Maggie Smith reading “A Drink in the Night” by Deborah Garrison

Aimee Nezhukumatathil reading “First Day at Daycare” by Beth Ann Fennelly from Tender Hooks

Meridian Johnson reading “Spool” by Laressa Dickey

Carolina Ebeid reading “An Arriving Guard of Angels Thusly Coming to Greet” by Akilah Oliver

Nancy Kricorian reading “Ghost Children”

Rachel Moritz  reading an excerpt from Ongoingness: The End of a Diary by Sarah Manguso

Renee Angle reading “Marie Makes Fun of Me at the Shore” by Bernadette Mayer in A Bernadette Mayer Reader

Sally Ball reading “Black Swan” by Brigit Pegeen Kelly from The Orchard

Sarah Vap reading “mother tongue, to the child just born” by Lucille Clifton

Victoria Chang reading “From Blossoms” by Li-Young Lee from Rose

Martha Silano reading “Harborview”

Kristen Hanlon reading “Lullaby” by Chloe Garcia Roberts from The Reveal

Blueberry Morningsnow reading “Milk, See Child”

Robin Clarke, reading the the last stanza of “An Owl Is Born out of a White Owl’s Forehead—1972” Alice Notley from Mysteries of Small Houses

Emily Carlson reading “Mary’s Dream” by Lucille Clifton from Two Headed Woman

Aracelis Girmay reading section 5 of “On the Road to Sri Bhuvaneshwari” by Robin Coste Lewis from Voyage of the Sable Venus

Erika Meitner reading “The Speed of Darkness” by Muriel Rukeyser from Collected Poems of Muriel Rukeyser

Joy Katz reading “Sunday Mornings” by Robert Hayden

Montana Ray reading “Porfina” by Adélia Prado in Portuguese and in English (translated by Ellen Doré Watson as “Concerted Effort”)

Robin Beth Schaer reading “Morning Song” by Sylvia Plath from Ariel

Arielle Greenberg reading the last section of “Here Happy is No Part of Love” by Rachel Zucker from The Last Clear Narrative

Rachel Zucker reading “won’t you celebrate with me” by Lucille Clifton from The Collected poems of Lucille Clifton

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Episode 29: Molly Peacock

Episode 29: Molly Peacock

Episode 27: Rita Dove

Episode 27: Rita Dove