A series of intimate and captivating interviews by Rachel Zucker with poets and artists about quotidian objects, experiences or obsessions, Commonplace conversations explore the recipes, advice, lists, anecdotes, quotes, politics, phobias, spiritual practices, and other non-Literary forms of knowledge that are vital to an artist’s life and work. One feels, when listening to Commonplace, the pleasure of eavesdropping on the kind of unexpected, intriguing connections that only happen when interesting people sit together in a small room and talk about their real concerns and ordinary lives.

Episode 55: Anne Waldman

Episode 55: Anne Waldman

Rachel Zucker speaks with Anne Waldman about Allen Ginsberg, “being on the job,” mantra, embodiment, the refugee vow, gender, the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics, archive, undertaking a long project, her insatiable curiosity, Balinese dolls, ritual, patriarchy, the maternal imagination and so much more.

Extra Resources for Episode 55

Books by Anne Waldman (In Print)

Trickster Feminism (Penguin, 2018)

Voice’s Daughter of a Heart Yet to be Born (Coffee House Press, 2016)

Gossamurmur (Penguin, 2013)

The Iovis Trilogy (Coffee House Press, 2011)

Manatee/Humanity (Penguin, 2009)

In the Room of Never Grieve (Coffee House Press, 2008)

First Baby Poems (BlazeVOX, 2008)

Outrider (Alameda, 2006)

Structure of the World Compared to a Bubble (Penguin, 2004)

Vow to Poetry (Coffee House Press, 2001)

Fast Speaking Woman (City Lights, 2001)

Marriage: A Sentence (Penguin, 2000)

Kill or Cure (Penguin, 1994)

Helping the Dreamer (Coffee House Press, 1989)

Other Books and Writers Mentioned in the Episode

Djuna Barnes’ Nightwood (New Directions, 2006)

Alice Notley’s Descent of Alette (Penguin Poets, 1996)

Brion Gysin’s Let the Mice In (Something Else Press, 1973)

Cross Worlds: Transcultural Poetics: An Anthology (Coffee House Press, 2014)

William S. Burroughs

John Giorno

Diane diPrima

Joanne Kyger

Gertrude Stein

Ted Berrigan

Frank O’Hara

Donald Hall

Joe Brainard

Clark Coolidge

Vladimir Mayakovsky

Other Relevant Links

Patchin Place

Naropa Poetics Audio Archive

Library of Congress

Extinction Aria at the Garrison Institute

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