Commonplace in Other Places

6.12.2017 – Episode 20 mentioned on the Center for Literary Publishing blog

6.5.2017 – Mentioned by Kristin Prevallet in PoemTalk #113

4.15.2017 – Presented at The Unplugged Soul: A Conference on the Podcast

2.22.2017 – Interview with Rachel Zucker at the Poetry Society of America

1.13.2017 – Mentioned by Sally Ball in LitHub's "Writer's Resist: In Pursuit of Wild Hope"

1.10.2017 – Mentioned on the Poetry Foundation's Harriet blog

12.29.2016 – Mentioned by Steve Wasserman in LitHub's "Literary Podcasters Best of 2016 (And Most Anticipated in 2017)"

11.11.2016 – Interview with Rachel Zucker at Poetry Northwest